Janey Fritsche's Mainframe Technical Resume

(Before work in interactive multimedia)


Systems Analyst, Programmer, and Database Design Consultant

        Chevron Inc., San Ramon, Ca   (Consultant 1985-1987)
      Team lead in the design and programming of the rewrite of tax recording procedures from state to regional processing.  Analyzed system specifications for the conversion process.  The PL/1 programming entailed extensive code modification and data conversions.  Team member in the programming of an online payee system for invoice processing of accounts payable.  In the Chevron Oilfield System, analyzed necessary changes and reprogrammed the batch message processor program that validated the layout of wells, tanks, meters, and piping.  These systems were implemented in PL/1 using IMS DB/DC under VM/CMS.
        Visa USA Inc., San Mateo, Ca   (Consultant 1984-1985)
      Team lead in the analysis, design and programming phases of the Interlink debit card settlement system, which processed all Interlink transactions daily and determined the net settlement for each member bank.  Worked directly with the president of Interlink to develop those system requirements.  Developed TPNS scripts to generate online transaction processing for testing the system.  Project leader for the MVS conversion of the financial interchange system, which analyzed and reported the daily financial interchange of member banks.  Coordinated offline program conversion, and JCL conversion and testing;  coordinated installation between data centers;  responsible for change control of test and production libraries.  Both systems were implemented in PL/1, COBOL, and Assembler for the IBM 3083 with conversion being from OS/VS1 to OS/MVS.
        Tax Coordinated Financial Plans, Larkspur, Ca   (Consultant 1983-1984)
      Created a financial planning package for IBM PCs that consisted of data bases and worksheets used to process clients investments, commissions and taxes.  Set up an accounts payable and general ledger system.
        Chevron Inc., San Francisco, Ca   (Consultant 1981-1982)
      Team member in the development of a stock control and reporting system used by the accounting, tax, and marketing departments.  The project was used for inventory optimization and loss/gain, throughput control.  Responsibilities included analyzing and defining user requirements, and creating the top level system flow using SDM70 structured design methodology.  Interfaced extensively with the accounting staff to develop the requirements for the IMS data base design and file definitions.   The system was implemented in PL/1 using IMS for the IBM 3033 under OS/MVS.
        Exxon Co. USA, Houston, Tex  (Consultant  1979-1981)
      Team member in the analysis, design and programming of an exploration production offshore modeling system that included geological description, field and production development, costing, economics, and risk analysis.  Data generated by the system was used in bidding on offshore oil leases.  Responsibilities also included performance tuning the relational data base system, and unit and system testing.  All development was implemented in PL/1 for the IBM 370/168 under OS/MVS.

    College: Lamar University
    B. S. Mathematics / Minor in Fine Arts

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